Interior Designers: How Creative Can Help You!

Wilda Thomas, owner of Creative Art & Frame, has a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from the University of Manitoba.

Because of that, we've always enjoyed working closely with both commercial and residential designers, when it comes to helping them select artwork, frames and custom mirrors.

We offer numerous benefits to the Interior Design community including:





•     On-Trial Services ~ Before making the final selection, borrow any unframed or framed pieces in the 
       store to show your client.

•     Special Order Services ~ If we don’t happen to have the artwork that works with your vision, then 
       you are welcome to select reproductions or canvases from our many catalogs.

     Consultation ~ We are pleased to work with you and your client to recommend and select artwork
       either on-site or in our showroom.
•     Complete Quotations ~ Our quotations include: full colour images, framing suggestions and pricing
       that will stay within your budget.

    Installation ~ We are pleased to professionally install your selections at your convenience.
    Designer Pricing ~ Talk to us about how you can make the purchasing of artwork profitable for you
       and your company.

Proven Professionals

These are some of the Interior Designers we are delighted to work with and pleased to recommend for their excellent services:

    Dιcor Resources (Laurie Battersby)
•     Sharon Glickman ~ 519-854-1143
•     Interiors by Susan McCarroll ~ 519-657-9986
•     In Design Associates Inc. (Monica Sharman)
•     Inside Inc. (Carol Panczyk & Nancy Evans)
•     In2Space (Kathy Jurjevich)
•     Knapp & Associates Design Inc. Mississauga (Mary Ellen Knapp) ~
•     Linda McLean ~ 519- 652-5430
•     Meyer Inc. (Carol Meyer) ~
•     Park Interiors Chatham (Bill Park) ~ 519-351-3182
•     Bonnie Pierotti Interiors
•     Renaissance Business Interiors (Kevin Sim) ~
•     Roger Lumsden Interiors ~ 519- 660-1496
•     Tamara Mendola Interiors ~